Saturday, February 4, 2012

southbound journey

Finn, Ivers, John, Jeff, and I packed up the bus and got on the road. With the first stop at the Pacifica skatepark. Only 20 minutes outside of San Francisco in the bus, it made me thankful to not be on my BMX pedaling over some of the coastal hills. The park is awesome. i ate shit on my skateboard after 10 minutes of being there. Woke up on the flat bottom. John did a pedal stall to fakie on the 12? foot tall cradle at the end of the pool. it was crazy

The drive down US 1 is beautiful. The western coast looks nothing like the east coast. 

Jackson sent me some info about a skatespot along RT 1. We found it but 1/3 of it was a puddle. The other 2/3 were a blast though and we skated and rode it for an hour or so. Not a bad view.

But not as nice as the Sunset view from Panther beach.

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