Monday, February 6, 2012

Ivers and the twins head home

Ivers and the twins headed out on friday, back north to San Francisco. But before they left, we had the ultimate day trip. Woke up in the AM and rode with Jackson at the Santa Cruz park, before he had to go to work. The full pipe looks like a wave, and Ivers was surfing the shit out of it.

After Jackson headed to work, we took a short drive to a Pool just south of Santa Cruz. A few weeks ago, I read an article this guy Dean wrote about the Buena Vista Pool. I remember thinking " Thats a sweet looking pool, but i will never see that thing".  And here we were, skating it and loving it.

After the pool, we drove a couple exits back towards Santa Cruz and ended up at a ditch with a full pipe at the end of it. I am still stunned at all the spots to ride around here. All minutes away from each other, and all amazing. It was really tricky to ride but John was somehow roasting the vert wall attached to the full pipe.


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