Thursday, February 2, 2012

One day in San Francisco

Long flight. I think close to 8 hours. I Jumped on a train and cruised into San Francisco to meet up with some friends for the night.

Jeff and company were the best hosts. Breakfast in the morning and a bike stand and rack of tools to get the bmx back on track. Got the bike together and went to the potrero skate park to meet up with Cubby and cruise around the city.
potrero bowl. 12ft deep end. beautiful


Met up with Ivers and skated the flower shop. Watched Tim destroy that place. Cool to see the locals ripping around on stuff thats so hard to skate. All the lines. They had just finished a big bowl corner at the end, but we couldnt rip it yet.

Cheap tacos and beautiful scenery. I like this place.

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