Friday, February 24, 2012


I went to the grocery store twice in the past week. Both were nightmares. Long hair and a beard seem to make people think you are super market terrorist.

 The first time was trying to buy some granola. I think that middle aged man sweeping the floor thought i was going to sneak a couple snow caps in my bag for the road.. He tried fake sweeping around me for a while but didn't want to seem too obvious. And then when i looked down at the end of the isle and saw him watching me like a hawk through the window in the swinging door, I couldn't help but give him a wink and a wave. He stressed so hard that he decided to come back out and just blatantly stand next to me and watch me.
Code red. a bearded man in pursuit of a bag of granola and two oranges! call for back up.

Bus stop view.

The second one was a nice treat. After spending the week in a tent, cooking my food on the fire, and spending a lot of time by myself, I decided to go to the grocery store to do some people watching.
Safeway seems like a decent grocery store. way too much stuff, star bucks, ice cream, sub shop, chinese buffet, pizza slices, a million lunch deals .....You know, the usual things you would find in a grocery store? I went for the 3 chicken tenders with the sides of mac and cheese and potato wedges. I go sit down at a table by the window and start feasting. 
Over the loud speaker i hear a voice say "security to the deli. Code whatever" 

2 hefty ladies come sprinting across the front of the grocery store!! hahahahahahaha

they ran up the the deli bar and talk to the lady behind the counter. The 40 year old employees of the month snap around and size me up. Their big break. Time to bust a criminal

 They tell me i have to stop eating the food and both ladies escorted me to a register. They made sure to stop and stand in front of the doors as we walked by them. I'm assuming they thought i was going to make a big break for the streets. I really just wanted to to eat a peaceful lunch and buy a bag of coffee for the road,


  1. dude you have bad luck in food stores no matter where you are