Monday, February 13, 2012

The tree house dilemma

it took me about 4 hours to get the plywood up into the tree. I made a harness and dragged a sheet of half inch plywood to the top of the hill. It took a while but it felt good to get it up there on my own. When i finally got the the tree i rigged up some ropes to get it up on the deck. accomplished, would be a good word to descibe how i felt after spending a whole day getting a sheet and a half of plywood nailed onto the deck. Thats when i met Reagan.

sitting on the newly plywooded deck, soaking up the view, A guy yelled up from the bottom of the hill. "Hey I think you might be in my tree". The feeling of defeat took over the feeling of accomplishment. Reagan was a nice guy. I actually enjoyed the conversation i had with him, but, unfortunately, it ended with me having to tear the tree house down again. I dont have the money to buy more supplies to start over in a new tree, I'd say living in a tree house would be an accomplishment for me, its something i have always wanted to do, but its going to have to wait until next time.

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