Thursday, March 8, 2012

Winging it!

  I try not to make plans.  I'm bad at it. When i do make plans, they usually don't work out. This is what i've learned about plans. when plans fall through.... its an opportunity to Wing it. And i prefer winging it over planning it. Unfortunately, this means i go into planned situations, hoping plans fail.
Last winter I spent 5 months in Austin Texas. I went home for the summer and planned my return back to Austin as soon as it cooled off. I bought a plane ticket to Austin for the beginning of january. Then i got a call from Steve, asking if i wanted to go on a road trip to Savannah GA. It was for the same time that i booked my flight back to Austin, I didn't get on the plane. I was winging it.
    After the Savannah trip i was sitting in Richmond VA. looking up flights to keep to the plan, to get to  Austin for the winter.  My friend Was driving from San Francisco to Florida with his sister. She mentioned they might have room in the car and they were driving through Austin along the way. I bought a one way ticket to San Francisco.

       2 days before my flight, I got the news that there wasn't enough room in the car for a third person after all. I was stoked. Not that i wouldn't have been happy driving with some friends to Austin, But now this gave me an opportunity to do some serious winging it on the west coast. Here i am with a one way plane ticket to the other side of the country, and the only people i had really talked to are leaving there in a few days..... The possibilities were endless.

I ended up in Santa Cruz, Surrounded by some of the nicest people i have ever met. And making some amazing friends along the way. All because my year of planning fell through.....twice

Thank you to everyone that helped make this trip perfect.

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