Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sailing Journal Day 1 (March 20th)

Sailing To Maine!

Yesterday Evan and I rode motorcycles to go pick up Evans green Limousine and drive it to Virginia Beach.

We stayed the night in Virginia Beach and woke up early to grab Dylan's G/f's car and drive it to Annapolis, MD. We grabbed all of our gear and piled it on the dock.
It finally sank in that I was going to be on a boat for a few weeks, when i saw dylan pulling in to pick us up. Brooke unloaded her gear and jumped off. Evan and I jumped on and pushed off. Let the trip begin.


The boat is perfect. It was built in the late 60's and is beautiful. The perfect vessel for this crazy journey. There is 3 bunks (berths) in the boat. Mine reminds me of a fort, dylans is the berth in the bow of the boat, and evans is along the starboard side. The diesel motor is a sound i know i am going to enjoy.

After being on the water for 20 minutes, we realized Evan had Brookes car keys so we had to turn around and go back to the dock. After that we officially set offon our journey North up the Chesapeake Bay.

There was no wind and the water was like a sheet of glass all day. Calm, slow, relaxing. I got to drive us underneath the Chesapeake Bay bridge. Dylan has a couple of Ukulele's on board so we played some music for a little bit.

We motored along all day. Saw an amazing sunset. As the sun was setting the wind picked up in our favor so we hoisted the sails. We were officially sailing. We tossed out the anchor on the side of the Bay and called it a night. I still cant believe im sailing the whole North East. Cant wait till morning.

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