Friday, March 30, 2012

Sailing Journal Day 2 (March 21st)

Slept Amazing. I don't think I woke up once. I was the first one out of bed and poked my head out of the cabin. The water was calm and a thick fog was in the air.

We started motoring north up the Chesapeake Bay, headed towards the Delaware Chesapeake Canal. Saw some huge houses and saw some osprey's on our way into the canal. The fog lifted and the sun came out. The canal was an adventure. It felt like a mission to cross from the Chesapeake Bay to the Deleware Bay.

There was no wind and the tide was coming in so we didnt do much over 3 knots. slow going. A huge barge passed us in the Canal, Evan was hugging the shore trying to stay out of the way and he ran a ground. No damage was done to the Illusion.

There is a Nuclear power plant where the canal meets the Deleware Bay. It was weird to sail past it. Nuclear power plants remind me of cancer.

The Delaware Bay got wide. We couldn't see land in any direction for the first time on the trip. The fog came back in and started getting scary. We couldn't see anything. Evan heard a fog horn so we moved off the edge of the channel. A few minutes later, a huge barge motored past us right where we were. Our plan was to try and make it to the mouth of the delaware bay, set the anchor and stay the night. Plans changed when the fog hit. 

We changed the course and headed towards land. The direction change, finally put enough wind in our sails to kill the engine. By then it was dark out and so foggy we couldnt see anything. We sailed just using the compass and GPS. Threw out the anchor around a place called Oyster Island. Evan spent a long time making dinner but all of us were too tired to eat it. Tomorrow we will finally be in the Atlantic Ocean.

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