Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sailing Journal Day 3 (March 22nd)

Woke up a little stiff. The fog was still thick in the morning. We moved blind with the compass and gps to lead the way. The fog lasted half the day. We motored to the mouth of the Delaware Bay and turned into the Atlantic.

The Jersey shore is plain and boring. Tons of water towers and it looked like a haze just lingered over the state. We had some fun throwing bottles off the boat and trying to shoot them with a bb gun. it's hard to shoot something out of a bouncing boat. Evan tried to do some fishing off the stern of the boat. no bites.

We spent all day cruising up the Jersey Coast and sailed into Atlantic city just after sunset. We found some empty docks to tie up to for the night. The town was real creepy and we decided to spend most of our time hanging out on the dock with the boat. I like that after spending 3 days on the water on the illusion, we all wanted to stay on the boat when we arrived in atlantic city.

I keep singing that springsteen song in my head. I cant wait to leave this place in the morning. The boat is amazing. Dylan says the 4th day is when the crew really starts to mesh. i can already feel it happening. 


  1. Hey Eric, Gram and I spent one night in Atlantic City when we took our boat from Cape Cod to North Carolina. We had a wonderful trip, sailed the Ocean dowm and the inland waterway back.

    Have fun, Gramp.

  2. Hey Man, It's Shannon (that CS from forever ago it seems). I am wicked jealous of your sailing trip. Photos/stories make it sound amazing. Hope all is well out on the water. Take care and have fun. Cheers!