Thursday, March 15, 2012


I have always wanted to do a long sailing trip. Other than ripping a tiny sail boat in a lake, I have never really been sailing. At least nothing that i would consider to be actual sailing. There is something about the solitude on the open water that interests me.

My plan was to get a ride back to New England with some friends that were passing through Richmond on their drive from Florida to Connecticut. Plans changed when my friend Evan asked me if i was interested in Sailing from Delaware to Maine with him and his friend Dylan..... Looks like we are going to be on the water for a few weeks. The 3 of us are cruising in dylans 25 ft vessel named "Illusion". Let the Adventure begin.


  1. Hell yeah have a great trip, I did an overnight sailing trip with some friends once it was totally surreal and awesome..

  2. awesome! I'm pumped for you. don't capsize and get eaten by sharks!

  3. the illusion.