Monday, March 12, 2012

city bikes

I have been coming to Richmond for a few years now. For some reason, I hadn't ever pedaled around the city on my bike. My exploring never took me down town. This stay in Richmond has been a lot different. I have been trying to use my time to pedal around and explore as much as i can. Nothin like cruising around a city with your friends, talking shit, and laughing all day.

All my friends in Richmond are the best. They are the chillest apes i know. Pedaled the streets with them for a few days in a row. watched a bunch of awesome dudes do a bunch of awesome shit on bicycles. heres 3 photos I snapped in one day of Holladay Ape Master

pedal grind 360

Fast plant pole to over the fence


Neil Hise loves crowds.  trash flip.

friends rule

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