Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vermont Weekend (part 1)

A friend of mine has a house on a Mountain in Vermont. I went up there to give him a hand with some stuff, get some things ready for me to go stay up there for a while this summer, and to enjoy everything Vermont has to offer.

 I picked him up in Rhode Island and made the 4 hour drive to Vermont. Sometimes its nice to arrive somewhere at night, and wake up to see what you couldn't see in the dark. With all the character of Marleys Palace, on the inside, I could only imagine what I would see outside in the sunshine. He has something interesting to look at in every corner of the house, Stickers everywhere, animal heads,fake rats in the bathroom, 3 refrigerators.  Marley really doesn't give a shit about anything. I saw him pick up a mouse trap with a decayed mouse on it, and as he was carrying it across the room, the fur was just blowing all over the place.

But despite how awesome the inside of the house was, when I woke up, the back yard was Paradise.

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