Friday, May 25, 2012

The Daily Grind

!0 years ago I was riding my bike at a skatepark in Southbridge, Ma. (home to BMX legend Airin Roso). There was a guy riding that had a stem on his bike that I liked, so I asked him where he got it. He told me that he just opened a bike shop in Danielson, CT and he had one there. That following week I drove there and bought the stem. A small shop in a small town in CT, nothing to ride but a parking lot and a set of trails. He had 3 borrowed bikes in the window for sale and his BMX and Skate inventory combined could have fit into a back pack.
    !0 years later and Chucks store has had more of an impact on that town than any other business on Main street.It's given kids a safe positive place to hang out, he's responsible for the majority of the skate parks being built in the area for the kids, when the town has a parade...chuck's float is the best, and when they shut down the street on new years eve... the crowd of people is biggest in front of his store.
Chuck had a video premiere at the shop, for a skate video him and his friends made of the local skaters in town. The place was packed and the video was sick. Pizza by the handful. Thanks for the awesome times....not just at the premiere, but in the last 10 years.

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