Thursday, May 3, 2012

California Day 1

This trip started out as an adventure. I tied my bike to the back of a motorcycle and drove to Plymouth Massachusetts. From there, I hopped on a train and headed to Boston. With my bicycle as my main source of transportation, I knew I had to bag it up at some point to bring it on the plane. I cruised the streets with my friends until late in the night, and then retired on a couch at a house dubbed "Hell House".  I woke up to the sound of rain, and the realization that I had to get on a plane with my bike in a few hours, and I still didn't have a bag to put my bike in.

I pedaled through rain and puddles to a store to try and buy a duffel bag big enough to fit a bike. They had none. Hours before my flight and no bike bag. I decided to buy 2 packages of shoe laces and an air mattress and get on my way. After a few subway lines, I made it to the air port. I took out the Air mattress and laces and started making a bag.

Cut the mattress in half. Took my bike apart and put it inside my sleeping bag, wrapped the bag in the air mattress and sewed it together with the shoe laces. Used my belt as a handle and viola, bike bag.

Sailed right through check in and it was off to wait for the flight.

i sat between the classic way over weight american couple. Of course they bought the window and aisle seat with their thighs oozing under neath the arm rests making my seat seem even narrower. But its good to be back in Santa Cruz. Thank you Jackson for picking me up from the bus.

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