Monday, March 4, 2013

the real pool party

    Why is riding a swimming pool so enjoyable? Not the swimming pool that they built at the skatepark, but an actual swimming pool. They are usually awkward and tight, chipped up and slippery, sometimes nearly impossible to ride, but the 6 hours of hard work for 8 people, seems like a no brainer.
    If you have ever spent the time to bucket out hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water from an old swimming pool because it has 2 measly feet of transition in half of it, you probably understand the feeling you get from the whole situation as a whole, not just the riding aspect.

Almost always in a strange unfamiliar place. Behind a run down hotel, in front of an open hotel, in the middle of no where, in the middle of some kids grandmothers back yard.... It make's it always feel like an adventure, Which always makes the riding seem a little less important.

Ryan Greene Toe Jam and Earl
Jesus Hates Pussies T-shirt

Matt Anal

a big thank you to Wes of the Den.


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