Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Pipe...

I have heard about the infamous Full Pipe under the city of Austin for a few years now.  It's about damn time that we caught some carves on that baby.

Adam and I got some lights from a job site we were working on, and talked about using them to light up the pipe. I love the feeling you get when you are climbing down into a full pipe with flashlights, not knowing what you are going to find. And then when the thing you were looking for turns out to be ever better than expected... even better.

I rode my bike out there in the morning to dam up the water that runs through it. Late that night I went back with the lights, generator, ladder, extension cords, brooms, board, bike, and a couple friends. A little while later we were cruising.



Thanks to the dudes for coming and cruising it while we had the lights set-up. I felt like a ninja turtle down there.


  1. Night pipe! Up in Scranton we pretty much only ride ours at night with head lamps.

  2. i hope you guys ate some pizza down there.

  3. Eric - I'll fill your bus up with gas (well give you enough $$ to do it yourself) if you email me that last photo. I want to hang that shit up in my house. dustin