Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pool Party

Mark got a lead on a pool down South in a kids grandmothers backyard or something. I had been hearing about it and happened to come around on the day it was going to get scoped out. Jumped into the back of a truck and hit the highway.

We got there and the pool was filled with water. I guess it could have went either way. a few guys talked about aborting mission, and some just said fuck it  and got to cleaning..

once the pumping started there was no turning back, we were all in it for the long haul. Just pulling water out one bucket at a time.


We spent the entire day just bucketing water out of the pool. and right when the sun went down we finally got it fully drained. It was slimy and wet  but some of us just couldn't resist a couple of carves..It was pretty tricky to ride.

heres the best photo my camera will take at night. Jake over the light

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