Saturday, October 27, 2012

California part 2 (The Con Crete)


Ahh yes. Concrete cruising is the best. Santa Cruz is loaded with awesome shit to ride, and one of the things is this million dollar wave. Murph getting his carve on in the back corner.... And then getting a little barreled along the way.


Murph snapped a photo of me catching a little wave ride.


Got to cruise Buena Vista pool for a bit while I was out there. That thing is a real gem. Just a pool out in the hills in the middle of no where.

The Scott's Valley skatepark sessions we got in while I was out there, Were always a good time with awesome dudes. I guess you used to not be able to ride there, The classic "NO BIKES ALLOWED" sign. But a bunch of little kids wanted to ride their scooters there and al the rich parents pushed for it, and bikes snuck in under that little loop hole... Skaters cringe at the thought of something other than a skateboard having fun on this little oasis.


Davenport ditch was home of a couple of really fun sessions while I was in Santa Cruz. Right up the street from Maverick's, and one of the most scenic spots to ride in the Santa Cruz area. We went out with a crew a couple times while I was there. Santa Cruzers.


Reverend Jackson Allen getting his shred on. Wicked sick dude.


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