Tuesday, October 2, 2012

California Adios.. North Carolina Hola

The last few weeks have been overwhelming with great things. After spending 2 weeks in California with friends, doing something amazing everyday, I flew home for a couple days and jumped back on a plane and headed to North Carolina for a week. With my family spread out all over the world, I don't see them very much. This week is a little different. We are all together in a rented house for one week, eating amazing home cooked meals, playing card games, and just enjoying each others company.


Play pool or play pool. its allll good



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  1. Besides having a shark in the pool, my excellent family does the same kind of thing once per year. I love it. If there weren't freaks in my family it would be no fun, but since there's a perfect mix of awesome people and awesome freaks, it is one of the best weeks of my year.