Saturday, August 29, 2009

white lightning

last year my friends and i decided to start having a bunch of different theme parties.. we did a flannel party and a duct tape party and a party where everyone dressed up in suits and dresses.. it was all good times for sure..
the first party that we had decided to do was for christmas.. we thought it would be a good idea to crank the woodstove all day until the house was like 100 degreees and there was a foot of snow outside,, and have a beach christmas party where everyone wore bathingsuits.. it was a good time.. chuck and i started a band called white lightning and it was our first show.. no one really payed any attention to us but we played some shows since then and we had a ton of people watching.. it is always fun.. this is a picture from that first night of us rocking hard to no fans.. good times

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