Saturday, August 15, 2009

symmetric brand

a while back lino started a clothing company called "ember".. it was sweet and then someone bought the rights and he had to change the name.. he started a company called "mass transit" wich was awesome.. we did a trip to miami and went to the topless beach everyday.. it was great.. we filmed a video part for a "shook" video called rough draft.. after that... someone bought the rights to mass transit and yet again lino had to change the name of the company..he changed it to symmetric.. it lasted like a month and i acctually never even ended up getting one of the shirts unfortunately but he did film this little edit for the website back in the day.. it was a fun time.. i like watching this video once in a while because it reminds me of the good old days riding bikes all over new england with dan in the geo.. riding bikes is awesome

eric hennessey/symmetric commercial from erichennessey on Vimeo.

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