Thursday, August 13, 2009

24 hrs

got to the skatepark at 930 yesterdasy morning.. we were there until 1am this morning and the cops came and were huge ass holes and kick us out really mean like.. but all in all it was a really fun day.. we filmed soo much amazing stuff and everyone stepped up theyre game and did stuff they have never done before.. i really enjoyed myself and im kinda bummed that we got kicked out.. unfortunately i lost my memory card to my camera so i have to buy a new one tonight so i couldnt take any pictures.. but jordan is in the process of making a video with all the clips we filmed.. i cant wait to see it.. check back for pictures of stuff...

we have a block party in danielson connecticut this saturday.. its right down town and we are going to be doing some demos on the should be a good time... im having fun

see ya

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