Thursday, August 27, 2009

hectic week

i left friday to go to richmond virginia for a bicycle contest on a jump over the worlds biggest plate of nachos.. i still dont have a memory stick for my camera so i couldnt take any pictures.. it sucks.. but the contest was crazy and such a good time.. thank you mr c..i just saw a video of the mayhem on the fbm site so i posted it below.

FBM's Nacho Ordinary Jumping Contest Video - More BMX Videos

after i got home on monday night i left tuesday morning to go and announce a supercross race in marshfield massachusetts..i was there tuesday and wendsday just making fun of people with a microphone in front of a shit ton of people.. it was awesome..i saw one of the best dirtbike races of my life that was kinda cool.

now i was going to go home after the race but some friends of mine out here invited me to come home with them and hang out in capecod area for a few days.. im in!!!! so here i am in the cape somewhere with no camera and a hurricane on the way.. not a bad way to spend a week if you ask gonna go get a memory car tomorrow sometime and im gonna take some funny pictures of some funny stuff...its going to be electric mayhem??

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