Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The West Side

Arizona was crazy. Stopped to sleep in Holbrook for a night and knew we had made it to the territory of the strange. Parked to make dinner and ended up with a bunch of high school kids hanging out in the bus telling us stories of their tweaker friends winning track meets on meth. Played UNO and Andrea made them all dinner.

We got outta there and headed for the water.. bus has been acting up, stopped at a gas station and the bus wouldn't start. Got it running and drove all the way to the coast. Stopped to make breakfast by the water and when i tried to start the bus back up, the bolts snapped off the starter and it fell off. 

Sherman in California

Such a great feeling when you break down, make some mods, and get rolling again. An accomplishment that gets you from a bummer situation to a real stoke.
Big thank you to LOCAL Dan for all of his help, driving us to the auto store and lending me a drill to get the bolts out, and Mother Nature for always wanting to help out in any way.

Nice to be on the West Coast..

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