Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Texas Fancy.

Had a stop in Galveston, TX to visit my friend Mark. He's got a shiny head now and it was good to see him for the short amount of time he had. And when the rain kept falling, we headed for Austin.
  Didn't come down here last winter while I was in NZ, but it's always nice to get into town there, because you know there is always something going on, with so many people always visiting there.

The bus started acting up a little bit when we got into Texas. I had been driving with one of my two batteries on its last leg for this whole trip, but as soon as the bus rolled into Austin and parked, the batteries let out their last breath of air.
   I helped my friend Clint with the electrical in his new Airstream and he got me a new battery for the bus. Thankful and stoked to be able to help each other out with some mods. With 2 new batteries and the bus rolling. Andrea and I went to explore some spots around Austin.

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