Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Mexico !!!!!

 Sunrise session.

Wow, New Mexico.  I have driven through this state a half dozen times and taken all the wrong roads. A big thank you to my friend Will for telling me about the skatepark in Silver City.  If I hadn't gone there, I would have ended up driving on Highway 10 or Highway 40 and potentially seeing the sad rise of Tweakers that lurk the streets of Albuquerque and hang out at the skatepark.  No offense to Albuquerque, but the New Mexico I got to experience this time was far different from that place..

Route 180 North out of Silver City goes through the Gila National Forest. We met a guy at a gas station that traveled around in a van with his wife and now lives here to enjoy the park. He gave us 7 dollars because he was stoked..haha.. big thanks, we bought a quart of oil with it...


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