Friday, November 7, 2014

The Northern Part of the Southern Island

The Able Tasman National Park is a Coastal Hot spot for Tourists. If you are a German, You probably had your cabins booked months before your plane touched down. Didnt seem like many out of country'ers passed it by without giving it a look. We got up there with the Herd to see what it had to offer. Motueka was a small town, which seemed to have more tourists bouncing around the streets than there were locals.
       We hiked in with plans of making it a good bit in and setting up a renegade camp for the night somewhere. Because it was a coastal hike and not big mountains, we ended up hiking a bit further than we had anticipated, with still half the day left.

Did a cool tidal crossing on the trail. At low tide you can take the 30-40 minute walk across the mud, where the water would be about 4-5 feet deep at high tide.

Decided to hike outta there and get on our way back to the ferry and back into the North Island. Felt like we were meeting more tourists than locals in the South Island.

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