Monday, November 10, 2014


The towns in the North Island aren't filled with tourists..I mean, they are, but its not as bad as Queenstown. There, we out numbered the population of actual locals, probably 5 to 1. Every small town that we went to, we met people and spent some time with them in some way or another.

The kindness of the locals was the best part of the trip for me.  We had stopped at this skatepark for a quick little session to break up the drive. We ended up meeting a couple of guys at the park, they invited us back to their house, one of them rapped for us, the other one went outside and came back in the house with a few branches he cut off of some weed plants he had in his back yard.. haha. People were just eager to do whatever they thought would make our trip better. ...... Even if we didn't smoke weed.

 We dried the plants on the dashboard while we surfed and smoked a joint in their honor.

Most of the skateparks have zip lines too..

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  1. I didn't think you smoked dope.