Sunday, November 2, 2014


There isn't much on the Map that is South of New Zealand. A little of Argentina and Chile, and Antarctica. This could very well be as far down on this planet as either of us will see in our lives. After leaving Queenstown and starting our drive back North, even though we still had a Month left, it seemed like the start of a slow journey back home to New England.
Lake Wanaka days. Beautiful weather with some ducks. Fun jumps. Paddled out in the lake on our boards. Back on the road.


Met this guy on the beach in Wanaka. He was with a bunch of other guys that were dressed similarly in all white. They were all part of a German Workman's Guild. They travel around the world for 3 years with no money and no possessions. Just working in their specific craft in exchange for food or housing. This dude was a stone cutter.

Pic I stole off the internet of a bunch of people in a similar guild. the guy we picked up had one of those curly wood sticks.

You see so much when you leave your circle.

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