Friday, November 23, 2012

Formula One Grand Prix

The Formula one race was un-real. Those things are so fast. And the place was mobbed with people. There were Europeans everywhere. Wearing fade away Camo.

And every girl in the place had on their corny medieval boots...


I had the best seats in the house. All the passing happened right in front of us, and I could see 80% of the track well. It kicked ass.


I guess there was like 150,000 people at the track. I decided to try and beat the rush to avoid the swarm. I made the run for it and snapped a quick picture of the people starting to pour out.. I was able to jump on the shuttle ahead of most of the people and I was home in no time flat. Unfortunately, the Grand Parents weren't so fortunate. They got stuck in the madness and it took them over 3 hours to get back to their car.

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