Thursday, November 22, 2012

Austin F1 weekend

Austin built a new Formula one race track. My cousin got tickets for my grand parent's and I to go check it out for the weekend. I've been excited for the race to come, so i tried to take full advantage of the opportunity to go and experience it.
The first day I peddled my bike to a bicycle valet/shuttle service that was set up from a local bike shop in town called Bicycle Sports shop. I spent the day at the track walking around the track and watching the cars practice from different places. The place was packed.

The next day I tried something a little different. I decided to take the regular shuttle service to the track from downtown. It was like herding cattle onto little shuttle buses. People from all over the world. It was pretty fun to get submerged in the madness that i avoided by riding my bike the day before.

Spent another day walking around listening to all the different languages and seeing all the people. There was a bunch of people walking around with the biggest ht dogs I have ever seen. God Blessed America....With Coca Cola and Giant Hot Dogs.



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