Thursday, November 8, 2012

Corpus skate trip (one)

DSCN1993    We packed up the work truck with tools,bikes,and boards, and drove down to the beach town of Corpus Christi, Texas. Tra, Adam, and I went for a few days to wire a friends garage and skate a bunch of skateparks along the way. We stopped in San Marcos on the way down, that park is a good time and not far outside of Austin


They have a pool that looked real hard to skate, but Tra was catching that tile. I tried to take a picture but still have a hard time with the delay on the camera I have been using. get sick

We rolled into Corpus around dark and got a fun session at the Ingleside skatepark under the lights. There was a bunch of kids there doing fly outs on everything. I thought only the kids in Pawtucket loved the fly out.


Shuffleboard after party


Adam played so much shuffleboard, that he passed out on this shitty bench that was right next to a perfect pull out couch. "our couches pull out, but we dont" - KC


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