Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tioga trails trip day four

The random places I sleep on road trips, is one of my favorite things about the trips. It's not always the most comfortable, actually, sometimes its really uncomfortable but it just makes it that much sweeter. When I am on the road, I'm on an adventure. Sleep where you end up and work out the details along the way. Where's the fun in sleeping in a hotel everynight?

Our stay in New York city was perfect. Big thank you to Mr. B for a place to crash for the night. Your cat took the smelliest crap I have ever smelt, right before we tried to go to sleep. It stunk up the whole place and it was hilarious.
  We woke up and headed out of the city and on to Long Island for the last few days of the trip. We met up with Super fly and rode his spot "Keyko". One of the best stops of the trip, grilling and riding with buds all day. The jumps were a blast.


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