Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vermont Weekend (The Garden)

The one thing I told myself I would do this summer, is plant a garden. I had a girl friend who's mom had  gardens all over her back yard, that I think about all the time almost ten years later. The downside to living on the road in a bus, I don't have a yard of my own to plant a garden. I told Shawn my predicament and we came to the perfect conclusion.... Plant a garden in Vermont,together,and I will go back up there in a month or so when I finish the bus, to enjoy it .

I tilled up the dirt in the morning before we headed to the nursery to get the soil and seeds. I was thinking it was kinda big, but I knew we would fill it up. We made a run to go get plants.....but hit the skatepark for a little bit first. I did a garden celebration wormy fist pump. and I got this other pic of a dreadlock blast off

We picked up the goods from an older hippie lady that had a cat that was 40 years old. Although I didn't see the cat in person. Shawn has. She has personally had the cat for 40 years. She has a 40 year old cat. 40. she had some mighty fine plants too. We loaded up the car and went back to the house to till up the dirt one more time before we dug in.

Planted some stuff in pots to keep by the house so we didn't have to walk to the garden for everything. Dill,Basil,tomatoes,and a Cuke plant. Ziggy was stoked.

Then we started on the big project. Lay down the Parchment paper and start planting the big garden. We planted Carrots,Cukes,Romaine Lettuce,Tomatoes,Egg Plant, Peppers, and I planted a few sun flowers to tie it all in.

built a fence to keep out the animals and viola, A garden.


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