Tuesday, June 26, 2012

cooking out

Git Buck!

I love me a nice back yard cook out. Especially when there is a pool, a ping pong table, dogs galore, and a bunch of friends. But the all time greatest thing about zach's cookout, was that I whooped his ass like 10 times straight in ping pong. Granted, he might have been drinking beers since 10AM, and I wasn't, but I'll take an undefeated day of pong however I can get it. My Czech Ping Pong Mr. Miyagi,Paul, has taught me well.

We cooked a whole bunch of food on the grill. I went out to the bus and whipped up some potatoes chopped up in tin foil with some of the Basil and Thyme I've been growing in the bus.

The Zombie dogs were trying to get some.

Man do I love cook outs.

     - The Champ

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