Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Bus. getting it ready for The Endless Summer

This past winter, changed my life. The spontaneity of buying a plane ticket to Austin and then taking a bus ride to NYC instead of getting on the plane,packing into a van with 7 of my friends and driving up and down the east coast meeting great people, flying to San Francisco on a whim, and staying for months, jumping in a van with 3 friends and driving from california to virginia,then getting on a sailboat and sailing from Maryland to Maine. Third eye open.

      The crazy winter, made me want to get the bus dialed and get on the road with no destination for a while. The Endless Summer.  Unfortunately, living on the road out of a back pack for 3 months, left me run down and disheveled. Close to broke with a laundry list of things i would need money for.
 First thing first was to get it back on the road. Backed up taxes,insurance,registration,a suspended license I didnt know about... $800.00. I worked at the boat yard for a few weeks and saved up enough to get it on the road. Next was to start building a new bed that would sit above the veggie tanks.

After sleeping on floors and couches, in trees, mel's 5 year old sons bed,and who knows where else, It feels really really good to have my own bed again.

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  1. I would suggest a bolted down toaster oven and a 120V plug coming out the back. Either that, or build a clamp for a Coleman gas fire (be careful). What kind of supplies do you need? You should set up a Kickstarter account and get folks to send you stuff. I'd send you whatever. I have been on the road at a windturbine farm for 2 months, and have a list of stuff I would have people send me.