Monday, May 31, 2010

orchard riding

finally took a few runs at the orchard today...chris filmed a few clips with my point and shoot camera..i put them all together with some great tunes

my editiing skills are magical

Sunday, May 30, 2010

party time and camp out memorial day weekend

yesterday we woke up and went out to the orchard...the weather man said it was gonna be nice but it started pouring so hard while we were out there...we just kept digging as long as we could but the landing we were building was so tall and the ground was so slippery, we couldnt get the dirt to the top of it...
the new landing ^^

the 3rd landing vv

we came home and tito decided to start celebrating fun by having fun.

then we all decided to put on suits and then go out onto the town looking like idiots

karaoke party!!

after we came home at 230 in the morning we decided to go hiking at this place ross' cliffs by our house and camp out on the cliff for the night..

woke up to looking at this....not a bad morning if you ask me

Friday, May 28, 2010

the bird is the word

i just came home from work shaved a stupid goatee into my face  and fell asleep on the couch......i woke up to matt poking me with a crow....a living crow that he found in the front its hanging out with us in our living room and we named him russel crow...not to be confused with the movie 300 actor Russell Crowe...there is a big difference..

russell crowe

Russel Crow

heres a few more pics of ol' Russy hanging out with us this afternoon

Thursday, May 27, 2010

i got asked to do a little interview for DIG Magazine about being asked to be on the FBM team and upcoming plans for the summer and random mumbo jumbo like that.. click the link below to check it out...DIG BMX
get gay!

bus mods part 3

dialed in a couch today in the boss..awesome possum ..also got the sweet pizza rug

dead chicken transportation

how bout this awesome picture of this asian lady driving around on a moped covered in dead chickens

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

summer summer summertiiiime

im and ready for some summertime action..posting this picture again will officially make it the most posted picture on this site..i think i have posted it like 10 times..someone had asked where this was at a reservoir in griswold connecticut but the tree got cut down last year ...unfortunately...plans for today?? go make a rope swing and swing on it ..its in the 90's!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


heres a few pictures from the first runs at the orchard this past weekend.. also some pictures of the floor of the cabin we are gonna work on building out there in the next few days...let the good times roll

tito with the good style x up

Monday, May 24, 2010

babe scope

nothing gets me hotter than a babe on a bike

Sunday, May 23, 2010

a few weeks back

i had this little interview thing on this website FATBMX...its called "fat faves" and they basically just ask you something and you tell them your favorite thing..check it out if your bored and wanna read something not interesting .
check it out HERE have to watch this video i just saw on chucks site.... it got me stoked!!  and crandall is always getting "stoked" so he might want to watch this and think twice about it next time.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

jock fest

our roommate chris came through with this amazing photoshop skills tonight...he might not be able to grow a beard like a real man....but he can photoshop like one

random update

been spending alot of time up at the orchard..most days we hit the skatepark for a few minutes then we head up there and do some digging...we finally got the first jump done, and the whole run way clayed...heres some random pics of stuff over the last few busy days..

flowers in my yard

i got this sweet pic of chris at the skatepark the other day

this is a picture of the first jump in the line at the orchard...we originally built it huge..after we built it and got the whole runway clayed and started rolling up to it,we realized you would have to have so much speed to clear it,that you wouldnt have enough room before the next jump.. tito and i wanted to make it smaller but chris said he wanted to hit it first...we just laughed and said ok....well today he hit it and nosed cased it and luckily bailed like one second before he killed himself and he only half was nuts but my camera died as he was rolling up to it...bummer!!!

heres a picture of the second and 3rd jumps in the new line at the jumps

everything is still new and soft and moist but in a week or so we should have all the kinks worked out and we will have 4 good running should be awesome..getting the feeling of the wolf den back..its been a while

heres titos temporary tattoo

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

cookout action times

after we got our shitty tattoos chris tito and myself went to a cookout at some girls house chris knew...she had an awesome dog named lady that had a sweet gray beard..we hung out by a fire..i rolled around with the dog,tito jumped over the fire,and fun was had by us..

monday we all took work off and matt and i went dual sporting heres a quick video of matt 5 seconds after he pulled out of the driveway...

Monday, May 17, 2010

weekend was so amazing

friday night we had a cookout and grilled some great food

we have been talking about doing this tattoo idea for a while and we decided to do it on sunday..
theres a pizza place in my town that has a temporary tattoo machine in it..its 50 cents and you get a random shitty temporary tattoo.....the plan was 5 of us go down there and whatever we get outta the machine we have to get tattoos of..i dont have pictures of everyones yet but we all got some pretty bad ones... the guy came over our house on sunday morning and dialed our bodies right in with some permanant shitty temporary tattoos.matt got a skull with hearts for eyes and wings,tito got a big pink rose,i got a shitty heart with a crown on it with flames coming out of it,chuck got a panther ripping out of his skin and chris got the worst one of all....a butterfly!.heres some pics of what i got so far