Sunday, May 2, 2010

binghamton party fest / no frack!

went to binghamton this weekend..there was gonna be 4 of us but chris had to work and we decided to leave thursday night and chuck had a bunch of stuff to do to change the shop over to his shop for the tito and i headed up..we got there in under 4 hours.only stopping to pee on the side of the road a couple times.
we slept in the parking lot of fbm and in the morning we met up with everyone and got some lunch and then headed to kelly bakers where evan got rad on a go kart bicycle? and then ithaca new york to ride a crazy pool spot with an awesome rope swing..i got a little video of the much fun

partied in ithaca and went to a pizza place that had 18 different types of slices to choose from.subliminal sticker placing party.slept in someones driveway.woke up and played with her turtles.they bit me,she had a dog that looked mean as shit.his name was zeus.he wasnt mean as shit

headed to east shore skatepark..that place is so much fun..i saw crandall jump a launch ramp in the parking lot while wearing the outfit one of the caddys wore in caddy shack..and then i saw clint baker jump 3 times further on a 16 inch bike..hes a mini ape..then evan jump ultra far and won a bunch of random stuff kelly found in his garage i think.

and last but not least.the big surprise..the sweetest part of the whole weekend......i bought this awesome school bus and drove it home!!!

i spent all morning building a sweet bed in it..keep checking throughout the week for progress pics of this bad boy..hopefully by the end of next week i will have it all ready for living in it

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