Sunday, May 30, 2010

party time and camp out memorial day weekend

yesterday we woke up and went out to the orchard...the weather man said it was gonna be nice but it started pouring so hard while we were out there...we just kept digging as long as we could but the landing we were building was so tall and the ground was so slippery, we couldnt get the dirt to the top of it...
the new landing ^^

the 3rd landing vv

we came home and tito decided to start celebrating fun by having fun.

then we all decided to put on suits and then go out onto the town looking like idiots

karaoke party!!

after we came home at 230 in the morning we decided to go hiking at this place ross' cliffs by our house and camp out on the cliff for the night..

woke up to looking at this....not a bad morning if you ask me

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