Monday, May 17, 2010

weekend was so amazing

friday night we had a cookout and grilled some great food

we have been talking about doing this tattoo idea for a while and we decided to do it on sunday..
theres a pizza place in my town that has a temporary tattoo machine in it..its 50 cents and you get a random shitty temporary tattoo.....the plan was 5 of us go down there and whatever we get outta the machine we have to get tattoos of..i dont have pictures of everyones yet but we all got some pretty bad ones... the guy came over our house on sunday morning and dialed our bodies right in with some permanant shitty temporary tattoos.matt got a skull with hearts for eyes and wings,tito got a big pink rose,i got a shitty heart with a crown on it with flames coming out of it,chuck got a panther ripping out of his skin and chris got the worst one of all....a butterfly!.heres some pics of what i got so far

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