Monday, November 21, 2011

time well spent

i once had someone say to me    "life isnt all about having fun".

i thought about it for a minute and realized,while it might sound childish to say "i just wanna have fun for my whole life",  there is nothing wrong with focusing your attention towards having a good time. i've realized that the more time i spend focusing my energy towards a life of enjoyment, the less time i spend worrying about anything else.

this weekend i spent all of my time in providence hanging out with all my friends. the weather was perfect and Saturday morning my friends mark and nick and i pedaled around providence and ended up on this great old abandoned draw bridge. (well...mark and i ended up on the bridge...).

heres a picture of nick with his new bike... not on the bridge

mark...bridge life

myself..enjoying the view

after nick headed to work, mark and i traded the big wheels for the 20 inchers. we only made it 50 feet from circuit and just rode this awesome curb hip forever.

mark snapped a few pics of me jumping it

and i got a few of him.

jp one footed tire slide

after all the good times riding bikes, it was off to amigos where the band the i am in played a show with another band named party pigs. the party pigs played a great show and it was really awesome to be able to open up for them. thanks again nick and kerry and everyone else who came out.

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