Friday, November 25, 2011

happy thanksdigging

after not having the bus for the whole summer, and now finally getting the inside dialed in a little bit, it was exactly where i wanted to spend some of my time on thanksgiving.  i woke up early and drove the bus over to my friend jimmys, where ryan jimmy and i decided to go water skiing.  the water was so cold, it made your bones ache. ryan and jimmy wore wetsuits but i kinda felt like that was cheating. if you are gonna go water skiing in new england on thanksgiving... you might as well do it right.

they might have been smarter than me though... you could see your breath in the air and i dont think the water was much about freezing temperature.

i had a master plan... i was convinced that if i started on the dock i could get up and go around the lake and come back by the dock and just let go and coast up to the dock and not even get wet... i made it about 200 feet off the dock and ate shit because i was numb. the water was so cold it was hard to breath.

ryan on the other hand, all cozy and warm in his wetsuit, was ripping around the lake. i saw him crash so hard he was skipping across the water on his head.

jimmy also with great white man slalom skiing form

after we warmed up for a bit, i hit the road and headed to providence to spend some time at the trails to enjoy my thanks digging. no one was around to get the keys to get the tools so instead i just sat out there for a half hour,clean the mess someone left out there, and left.

the bus finally looks decent inside. it has been a shit hole all summer and i finally built a new bed in there and i cooked up a nice thanksgiving meal. mac and cheese and beef stew johnson.

thanks giving was topped off with the best jam session i have ever had with emerson and domenic the donkey. he haw he haw

im thankful to have a simple life and to be surrounded by great people. thanks everyone

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