Wednesday, September 28, 2011

fbm trip days 1 and 2

digger came out to visit me. we had a good time

i headed out on a 10 day road trip from richmond virginia to lockhaven pennsylvania with a quick with a little loop through boston.. my trip started a day early since i had to find a way to richmond. i hoped on a bus and headed to nyc. with no plans on what i was going to do but i gave myself an extra day to figure it out

when i got to the city i spent a few hours walking around checking out the sites with my friend lex who just moved there.

the next morning i spent the day crusing around nyc enjoying the sites.. i gave myself plenty of spare time so i was in no rush

took the sketchiest 7 hour bus ride from nyc to richmond virginia and got there at 1am. and jumped on steves couch.

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