Wednesday, September 28, 2011

fbm trip day 3

the next day 8 friends and i spread out between a van and a green limo. and headed to west chester pennsylvania.

we rode some fun stuff and then went downtown to get loose.

a dog.

the night got crazy.. eric holladay and i found some big wheels and bombed some hills.

i guess holladay pissed on kennys feet earlier in the day . holladay and i were filming each other bomb hills in a parking garage and i guess this was kennys comeback to holladay..

after we got surprise attacked by the fire extiguisher we jumped in the limo back to pauls house. garret puked all over the back and maybe even splashed a little on pauls girl friend.. holladay passed out hanging halfway out the door...covered in white fire extinguisher dust.

after i took the pic of holladay i headed inside to sleep on a couch.. when i got to the front door i found another passed out person on a chain in the front yard.. it was garret with puke on him

trip has been sick.. 

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