Friday, March 27, 2015

Family Meet and Greet

Sunrise Sleeping in the "Promised Land State Park". For some reason the name makes me think about all the people that lived here before all the Euro's came over and killed/chased them away.
   Seemed like the Native North Americans really appreciated and respected the land...Which is a bummer because the settlers just started building New York City.....Yuck.

Drove to Hershey, PA to hang out with the Grand Parents. Classic family time playing games and eating some good food. Andrea is a master of the kitchen.
Took the tour of the hershey chocolate factory..Not the real factory but a fun ride either way.. they had some talented singing cows, and a bunch of candy everywhere. Go Pro doesn't take a low light photo, but the grand parents got the classic roller coaster photo..

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  1. You should be a history teacher