Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Re-Birth of Henry...

    Henry has been hanging out in my friends shed for the last 6 years..Moldy and Mouse-y. He drove it for a few years before that; and before he got it, it sat in another guys garage for years....after sitting in a field in Pennsylvania for much of his life. The name has been passed down since the beginning; something that seems pretty common in old Volkswagen bus owners.
    I've wanted a VW bus for a long time; and I've tried to buy this one a few times in the last few years. This happened..

Andrea and I pulled it out and started cleaning it up. Filthy.

Andrea sewed some seat covers for us, came with some shark teeth hanging off the mirror
We dropped the motor and changed the clutch and valve cover gaskets. Big thank you to Brad for all of his help to keep the Henry dream alive.


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