Monday, December 1, 2014

Mt. Taranaki

Mt. Taranaki was awesome. We slept at a beautiful spot in the town at the bottom of the Mountain, Drove to the bottom of the mountain in the morning and started the walk to the top. The first half of the hike was a breeze... on an access road to a hut. Then it started to get a bit more challenging...

Clouds started rolling in, and as we got higher, the visibility got awful. If there were a visible trail to follow it would have been no sweat, but because the ground was all Scree (loose small rocks), the only way to tell if you are going the right way up is the sticks they put sticking out of the ground every 50 feet or so. We started to get a little cautious and wondering if we should continue on, when we walked up on 2 guys sitting on some rocks doing the same thing.
  Bubba was ready for the turn around. He could see the danger in trying to continue on a blind path of slippery marble rocks in clouds with maybe 10 feet of visibility. I was nervous but wanted to keep going. When we got to the other dudes, one of them was trying to convince the other to turn around and head down. It worked out perfectly, Bubba and the one guy took the walk back down to the hut and myself and the other guy kept on our way up.
  It turned out to be a really fun, really dangerous hike up to the top. And although the clouds never cleared enough for us to see all the way down to the ground from the top, It did clear up enough for us to be in clear skies above the clouds for a few minutes. A serious Rock and Roll mission of bad assery.

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