Friday, August 23, 2013

road trip continuation

Woke up in the morning and looked out the window and saw a cow licking garretts feet and spraying yellow diarrhea all over the place. A few guys came extremely close to getting their faces shit on.

I jumped in a car with a friend and got a ride to Albany New York, where I jumped in with some more friends and hitched a ride to Keene New Hampshire for the big Donner JAm

I couldn't believe my eyes when I rolled into that place. Big shout out to Ferbert and the crew that worked so hard to put on such an awesome event. They had a 9 foot tall box jump made out of pallets.... I took a picture of Cody Jumping it........but he went out of the frame

Hung out with tons of friends all day. I was whooped from the long days on the road and fell asleep for a while underneath a table. After the jam was over we headed North to Vermont... If Heaven was a place......this would be it.

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