Sunday, January 20, 2013

Friends in town visiting friends in town.

  Having the bus makes it seem like I am always just visiting. I guess in a way its true. But because I live in the bus, wherever I am is home. It's nice to be 2,000 miles away from where I grew up, and have friends around that I grew up with. Austin is easy because Clint and Matty are down here, and there is always people visiting, so it seems familiar. And now that I have been here for a while, when friends come to visit me while I am visiting, I can give them a little bit of Austin.

Chuck and Dan were on the super road trip. From Portland to Austin. 4 of them flew out there and rented a mini van. They drove the coast to Southern California and eventually made it across to Austin. They climbed on redwood trees, watched sun sets, threw snow balls, Rode bikes, rode roller coasters, and had a damn good time. They were only in Austin for 2 days, so we crammed what we could in the short time. Whole foods a few times..

9th Street

"Air Time McMahon, of Auburn soars over a ramp"



enjoyed the sights


5 Hip

I tried to take a pic of Dan jumping over me.

Real nice to see these dudes.


come on back now ya'hear...

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