Saturday, September 8, 2012

apocalypse trip (day 3)

Woke up feeling like crap from staying up all night and sleeping in the front seat of Bobby's car. Had a big breakfast at Denny's and headed to the trails in Endwell. The jumps were perfect, but our bodies were low grade.

We drove to the Binghamton skatepark and had a nice relaxing session. With some kid trying to steal jakes skateboard, a public swimming pool next to the park, and an ice cream truck. the perfect way to wake up.

Packed up the car and headed out, en route to Albany New York.

got to rip the pool for a minute, just before the sun went down

And then we headed to downtown Albany for the night to crash at a friends house. We pedaled around the ghetto for a while and some of us went to bed early and some might not have gone to bed at all...

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